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Ogam Healing

Ogam Tree Healing Workshop

Meet with the spirits and Deities of the Ogam trees, tune into their energies and channel them for self-healing and spiritual self-development.


What is Ogam?

Ogam is seen as the ancient alphabet of the Druids, with each letter being associated with a specific tree. The Ogam Tree Healing system has at its heart the ancient principles of shamanism. Drawing on multiple cultural and ethnic traditions it is a gift from the divine to be used as a benefit for us all as well as for healing the planet.


This workshop will introduce you to Silver Birch, Rowan, Alder, Willow, Ash, Hawthorn, Oak, Holly, Hazel, Apple, Vine, Ivy, Reed, Blackthorn, Elder, Pine, Furze, Heather, Mistletoe, Aspen, Yew, Spindle, Honeysuckle, Gooseberry, Beech.


Underlying all tree work is the premise that nature is the visible face of spirit. Trees play an extraordinary role in spirituality as they have been held sacred in both ancient and modern cultures.


A ten weekly, x2 hour course

Cost £275 or £250 if paid upfront.


This will run from January 2021, via zoom.


Once the lockdown has been ended and it is safe to meet face to face, workshops will also be available in person. Until then, all workshops, healings etc will be done via zoom or in a distant healing way.


To contact Thomas for more details, please email, or through the contact form at the bottom, of this page.


Ogam Tree Healing can help develop your psychic abilities/enhance your spiritual nature/ help you find your personal soul path

It is ideal for working and healing the land


Heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states



Ogam can reduce or eliminate pain/ It can renew your Life Force Energy/ It treats stress related disorders/ It brings about deep relaxation, grounds you and helps stimulate the body’s metabolism and detoxification systems/ Ogam can be used on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of a patient/ Ogam can be used in a distant healing way and set to be received at a different time from when the healing session takes place (Spirit works outside the confines of the three dimensional world)/ Ogam can help you transform your life


If you would like to experience Ogam Tree Healing or discuss it in more length, please contact me through this website or on


Sessions cost £50 per hour.

The Shaman’s Way (Introduction to Core Shamanism)

2 Day Course – learn how to access more of your creative spirit

You will be introduced to the history of core shamanism, as being the spiritual path of direct revelation. On this course you will learn the shaman’s map of non-ordinary reality (the Upper World, Lower World and Middle World), the basic techniques of journeying into and exploring under the Sun these worlds. You may experience the meeting of one’s own unique teaching spirits, in both human and animal form. By doing this, it allows you to access guidance, insight and healing for your own lives and others. 

Shamanic Creativity

2 Day Course – learn how to access more of your creative spirit

In this course you will meet with your own personal Muse and discover how to access more of your creative spirit. We will investigate the roots of your ancestral creativity, mend any part of your ancestral soul web so as to be able to bring more power into your here and now. You will meet with your ancestral council of artistic ancestors and discover your greatest tool. We will also have the opportunity to meet with your higher self in animal form, create links with an artistic guru (who has passed through the veil) and discuss your work with them. You will be given the chance to be introduced to the 4 directions and their specific element to incorporate them and their power into your work.

Pilgrimage: Finding your own places of power out in the world to source inspiration and then plan your pilgrimage there. A mixture of spirit work and practical exercises designed to help you develop your creative spark.

Shamanic Divination

A chance to receive information to help guide your life.

Shamanic Divination is the art of predicting outcomes that are not set in stone. The fact we have free will helps give us the opportunity to change our lives should we not like what we see. However, by being able to see potential outcomes we can work towards something good and steer away from something bad. In this course you will learn the three basic shamanic ways of divining; journey work, merging with spirit to receive direct information and creating your own tools to divine. You will also get the opportunity to journey to a number of well-known Oracle sites, and develop your own personal relationship with the spirits there. So if you have questions that need answering, or want advice on a project, relationship, business venture, this is a great way to receive information in which to help guide your life and future. 

Shamanic Extraction

Two Day Course – Removing misplaced energies

Extraction is a shamanic healing technique for removing harmful energy intrusions from a patient’s body which typically causes weakness, depression, localized pain or discomfort (depending on the type of energy intrusion and how long it has been in the patient’s body). Left unattended these intrusions can manifest into chronic illness. On this course you will meet your own extraction spirit helper, learn to locate, identify and remove these misplaced object intrusions in a fashion that is safe for both the practitioner and patient alike.

Shamanic Counselling (Journeying Course)

A path to healing, insight and empowerment.

This course is run over six sessions. The aim is to learn to contact your individual tutoring spirits who wish to come forward and offer their wisdom and advice to you. You will be supported throughout the process and helped to build your confidence in interpreting any any information you may receive. This is the best way to develop your own shamanic skills and to create a safe and supportive environment with which to explore deeper issues. This course aims to help you achieve greater spiritual autonomy. Working with shamanism can provide answers to important questions and help you make informed decisions to solve your problems. This work changes people’slives. People who are in the process of dying, can find a healing experience by learning to embrace both life and death in an empowered way. The knowledge that life continues can be of tremendous benefit. By finding a spirit to guide them through this experience, as they make a transition can also make the process easier. Individual sessions may last between 1 hour- 2 hours.


Six individual sessions run over six weeks.

Cost: £70 per hour (please note that some sessions will last between 1-2 hours)

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Workshops can be delivered 1 on 1, or in small groups. All Workshops to be run over two days. If you are new to Shamanism, you are required to take, The Shaman’s Way workshop, before attending any other workshops.




If the workshop is taken as a one on one, they can be experienced at your home, or for a larger group a suitable venue will be provided. Times are 9.00am-5.00pm each day.  



All two day workshops cost £360 plus VAT per person.


For all workshops:

We recommend that you bring a pen, paper, water (to drink), a blanket, drum/rattle.



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Ogam Healing Workshop
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