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Heather         Ur          (Lovers)

Ur corresponds to the letter U (ur, ura) in the Ogam alphabet and is associated with Heather. This symbol represents generosity, healing and success.

Ur pronounced: Oor

Status: Chieftain-tree

Element: Earth

Powers: Heather is the symbolic gateway linking the fertile earth with the inner spirit world and healing.


Keywords: Links, inner self, all-heal, development, spirit world, passion, success, dreams, small is beautiful – no need for extravagance, lovers, courtship, consummation.


Deities associated with Heather: Isis, Cybele, Erycina, Venus, Uroica.


Interesting Spiritual Information: It has a dual aspect with mistletoe and is considered lucky, white heather is the luckiest. Its relationship with bees has to do with the association with the spirit world: the bee travels from the heather to its hive in relation to the position and angle of the sun, it was regarded as a messenger from and to the spirit world by the Celts. It is associated with passionate love and the keeping of secrets.


Ogam Healing: Confidence to court others; Courage; Courting Consummation; Determination; Dreams Fear; Generosity; Hopelessness; Healthy mind, body + soul; In need of courage and determination; Links to spirit world; Opening up to consummation; Raising blood pressure (Be careful); Spasmodic coughs; Strengthens heart; Spasmodic cramps; Stomach pains      Bladder infections; Kidney and bladder infections; Menopause; Menstrual; Vaginal discharge; Skin problems; Rheumatism; Enlarged Prostrate; Cancer; Anti-inflammatory; Gout…


More Medical information and in-depth healing suggestions can be found in my book The Beginners Book of Ogam Tree Healing, or by attending one of my workshops.


Notes: Heather has a duel aspect with mistletoe in the tree oracle. Very much considered lucky and white heather is seen as the luckiest. The bee uses the position and angle of the sun to travel back to its hive from the heather and was regarded as a messenger from and to Spirit world by the Celts. It is also associated with passionate love and keeping secrets.


Folklore: The word Calluna is derived from the Greek meaning “to sweep.” Heather along with the thistle, is Scotland’s national flower. Scottish farmers carried torches of burning heather around their fields before midsummer to insure good crops and around their cattle to ensure their fertility. Heather can be used in spells relating to new beginnings, and self-discovery, enhancing physical beauty and bringing a peaceful resolution to any conflict. It is also used at initiations. Keeping heather about the house will attract friendly spirits and will bring peace to the household. Carrying heather will attract positive energies, general good luck and protect against rape and other violent assaults, making it useful for traveling sachets.

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