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Honeysuckle Uillean

(Inner Search)

Uillean corresponds to the sound Ui, or Ua (sounding like Pe) in the Ogam alphabet and is associated with the Honeysuckle. This symbol represents manifesting of will, pathway to inner search and secrets.

Uillean pronounced: Pe

Element: Water, earth

Gender: Feminine

Powers: Uillean helps you to find hidden secrets.


Keywords: Path to inner search, hidden desires, secret wants, proceed with caution, goal of finding our true self.


Deities associated with Honeysuckle: Lugh, Muhn.


Interesting Spiritual Information: Honeysuckle shows you the way to help you help yourself by going on an inner search. It will present you with your hidden desires, secrets and the right path to help you search for yourself. But proceed with caution, for as you pursue your desires and experience pleasures, your hidden secrets are not necessarily impenetrable, but merely muted by background noise.


Ogam Healing: Anything traumatic; Affection; Coming into the present; Finding our true -self; Free your heart’s desire; Higher Self; Homesickness; Inner searching; Life threatening; Loving oneself; Psychic Vision; Tune into the unconditional love of Divinity Secret wants; Self-worth; Soul freedom; Immune system; Sore throats; Swelling of the brain; Asthma; Cleans the lungs/ viral and bacterial infections (tuberculosis, -salmonella); Diabetes; Fever; Pnuemonia; Diuretic Digestive –disorders; Expectorant, gentle laxative; Salmonella; Staphyloccus; Streptococcus; Liver; Spleen; Bladder Inflammations of the bowel; Inflammations of the reproductive organs; Rheumatoid arthritis; Cancer; Diabetes…


More Medical information and in-depth healing suggestions can be found in my book The Beginners Book of Ogam Tree Healing, or by attending one of my workshops.


Notes: Other names for the honeysuckle include; Irish vine, woodbine, fairy trumpets, honeybind, trumpet flowers, goat’s leaf and sweet suckle. The old name, Woodbine, describes the twisting, binding nature of the honeysuckle through the hedgerows. There are variations on which forfeda characters refer to the honeysuckle. Some says it’s the spiral, others, the cross hatch.


Folklore: Honeysuckle has folkloric associations with psychic vision and dreaming. Be careful if you leave open a garden window at night, because love dreams can travel on honeysuckle-scented air. When used in spells of gain, it is said to add a touch of sweetness to their energy. Honeysuckle scent rubbed on faery offerings will make them too tasty to resist.

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