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Oire (Revelations)

Oire corresponds to the sound oi or oe in the Ogam alphabet and is associated with the Spindle tree. This symbol represents community relationships, revelations and honour.

Oire pronounced: Ore

Element: Water

Gender: Feminine

Powers: Oire is the sweetness and revelation of Soul’s desire.


Keywords: Obligations met, honour, cleansing, sweetness, delight in revelations, feminine power, seeking true self, thunder and lightning.


Deities associated with Spindle: Athena, Frigg/Freya, Minerva, The Fates.


Interesting Spiritual Information: The Spindle helps create firm foundations before we start to move forward to meet our appointments. To do this we need to finish what has been started to clear the decks for action. It can be used as a cleaning agent to heal emotional wounds. As its name implies, it can weave spells to bring people together and provide us with the humour needed to deal with delicate situations. We can use spindle to face our dark mirror selves and major difficulties. It is a wood that can be used as a pendulum in divination.


Ogam Healing: Balance feelings of superiority and inferiority; Balancing your mind; Cleansing; Depression; Destiny; Energises;  Soul energy; Fate; Fears; Fear of the -dark; Feminine power; Honour; Meeting of obligations; Revelations; Security; Seeking true self; Self-worth; Skills; Spiritual revelation; Survival; Sweetness; To improve relationships; Fevers; Dieting; Intestinal issues; Liver disorders; Gall bladder; Constipation; Acne; Psoriasis; Scabies; Skin parasites…


More Medical information and in-depth healing suggestions can be found in my book The Beginners Book of Ogam Tree Healing, or by attending one of my workshops.


Notes: It is interesting to note that women were treated in a much more respected and equal way in Celtic tribes. As spinning could take a long time, one had to be quite patient whilst working. However, if the woman was highly skilled she often made a good living which brought her high status within her clan. So the spindle also represents skills and surviving.


Folklore: The spindle tree is used to make spindles in weaving and that is why it is called that. In Celtic tales weaving is associated with fate and destiny, as are the Norns in Nordic mythology. They are weaver goddesses who weaved the fate of the people and cut the threads which were connected to their lives when it was their time to die.

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