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It was whilst studying the Ogam Trees in my OBOD course that I found myself out and about in my local bird reserve, which I affectionately call the sanctuary, and was introduced to the healing aspect of Ogam.  It was within the sanctuary I met with all the Ogam trees and created my personal link with them both in the physical and spiritual worlds. 



If shamanic training was the icing on the cake of my spiritual exploration, the Druid experience is highlighting the individual tastes of the ingredients within.

Thesanctuaryis on the edge of my home village, just outside of Cambridge. It has been here that I have been brought closer to Mother Nature and the treasures that are available to us all. 

It was during a session with my oak tree that I was instructed to research into the healing aspects of each of the specific Ogam trees. This I diligently did for over two years, which then ended in undertaking a number of case studies to practise the healing I had learnt. Many positive results came from this and so in January of 2020 I organised with my great shamanic practitioner colleague and friend, Susie Morris Manuel, my first teaching workshop. The results have been fantastic with many rich experiences gained by my first Ogam grove group. When we went into lockdown, we completed the last few workshops via zoom, which turned out to be just as successful. Not only have the students connected with the spirit and healing energies of the trees and deities, they have used them for healing themselves and others.

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My book, The Beginners Book of Ogam Tree Healing is now available from the following links.

Kindle ebook: 




Ogam workshops are also now available and are the culmination of three years research work on the subject.



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Forest Trees


Symbiotic relationships are a special type of interaction between species. Sometimes beneficial, sometimes harmful, these relationships are essential to many organisms and ecosystems, and they provide a balance that can only be achieved by working together.

Mutualism: both partners benefit.

            Humans breathe out carbon dioxide, trees breath it in, they breathe out oxygen, and humans breathe that in. So on and so forth… We are both linked to the ground which we come from and receive our nutrients. We both have spiritual links and therefore can interact to send and receive healing, knowledge and energy.      

All parts of the physical collective world which include, the land, plants, animals, andhumans are alive, interrelated and exist at varying vibrational rates. These states of matter exist in two forms, the physical as we see and interact with every day, and the invisible world of spirit. 

            The thing to understand is that all these worlds interpenetrate each other much as gas, water and solids do in the physical world. The premise of how life exists is that within our own physical world we also have the worlds of the astral (emotional), mental and spiritual worlds interconnected; living, being and having their expression. The structure of life as we know it, including cell growth, structure and expression are all able to have direct influence from these subtler worlds. At this point it is important to note that each living thing therefore has access to higher life forms or energies that can be channelled through to it by various means. Thought, emotions, direct channelling, and touch.

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