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Furze, Gorse Ohn (Collecting)

Furze or gorse corresponds to the letter O (ohn, onn) in the Ogam alphabet and is associated with the Furze or gorse bush. This symbol represents determination, collecting and passion.

Ohn pronounced: Uhn

Status: Chieftain-tree

Element: Fire

Gender: Masculine

Powers: Ohn is good at collecting.


Keywords: Collecting, in-gathering, sweetness, valuable things, a magpie, skill at collecting, life changing information, sexuality, passion.


Deities associated with Furze: Jupiter, Thor, Lugh.


Interesting Spiritual Information: Both wood and the blossoms are burnt for protection and preparation for conflict. A gathering together of sweetness and value, or a skill at collecting. It means either that circumstances around you on your path through life are gathering together towards a goal or destination you require, or that you will be enabled to collect together for yourself the elements you seek in order to attain such an end. Due to the thorny nature of the plant it is often viewed as having protective powers.

Ogam Healing: Cleansing; Collecting; Emotional security; Frustration; Gathering; Hopelessness; Jealousy; Joy; Life changing information; Mental pressures; Protection; Restlessness; Restoring hope; Passion; Sexuality; Sweetness; Uncertainty; Jaundice     Scarlet fever; Diarrhoea; Liver; Kidney stones; Spleen; Fleas


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Notes: Gorse represents a coming together of circumstances for you on your life journey destination, or the fact that you will be able to collect together all that you need at this time to be able to attain the end you wish.


Folklore: Furze is closely associated with the sun god Lugh, the Celtic god of light and also with the Spring Equinox, as it is one of the only plants at that time to be in full flower. It is also attached to festivals during spring and summer months as a symbol of the power of the sun.

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