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Beech     Eamhancholl (Insight)

Eamhancholl corresponds to the letter AE ans X in the Ogam alphabet and is associated with the Beech tree. This symbol represents ancient knowledge, insight and learning.

Pronounced: EH-mun kuhl

Element: Air, Earth

Powers: Ancient knowledge revealed.


Keywords: Ancient knowledge, old objects, places and writing, guidance, insight, protection, solid foundations, learning, wishes, freedom from fixed ideas.


Deities associated with Beech: Saturn, Chronos, Old Father time, Ogma, Hermes/Mercury, Odin, Fagus, Ceridwen.


Interesting Spiritual Information: Long ago, beech tablets were used to write upon. Both beech and book come from the same word origins. Beech is associated with ancient knowledge as revealed in old objects, places and writing. It can indicate guidance from the past to gain an insight which protects and provides a solid base upon which to rely on.


Ogam Healing: Access to ancient knowledge; Arrogance; Come and meet your inner guide; Criticism; For mental clarity; Freedom from fixed ideas; Guidance; Insight; Intolerance; Judgement on others; Lack of sympathy; Learning; Mental health issue as in depression, fear, anxiety and self-worth issues; Opening up to inner and outer beauty; Personal development; Wishes;  Writing Headache; Immune system; Toothache; Digestion; Clears toxins from the body, including excess fats, salt, waste, and water; Kidney; Stimulates urination; Metabolic system…


More Medical information and in-depth healing suggestions can be found in my book The Beginners Book of Ogam Tree Healing, or by attending one of my workshops.


Notes: Beeches were called ‘Boc’ by the Anglo-Saxons, the word later became book. Today the Swedish word ‘Bok’ means both book and beech, in German, ‘Buch’ means book and ‘Buche’ means beech. When material words were inscribed, they took on the power and magic of the gods. It is why the beech tree was held in such awe as it allowed wisdom to be passed on to future generations.


Folklore: Beech is associated with femininity and is often considered the queen of British trees, where oak is the king. In Celtic mythology, Fagus was the god of beech trees. Beech groves have been found in or close to important places of power. Apparently they were the inspiration for the building of Cathedrals, whose high vaulting arches mimic the arching

branches of the Beech Grove.

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