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Booking an appointment:


Mobile: 07963 216445

1. Please send an email with your intention for the work. What do you need?
2. Indicate what times are best for you, evenings/weekends?
3. Where do you live?

Please note that once a healing session has been set up, I do a lot of work before you even meet me. I start to tune into you and spirit to gather information which will be used in our session. I provide reasonable aftercare (not unlimited) by email/phone and am always interested in your feedback. 


For Healing, I charge £70 per hour (workshops are priced differently) and we will agree on this before we start any work.
For Spiritual Guidance questions, I charge £50 for 2 questions (Please see Home page for details).
Concessions available.



Cancellation policy:

If you need to cancel our session, you should do this over 24 hours before your scheduled time. If you cancel on short notice (under 24 hrs), you will be liable to pay 50% of total cost of the session.



Please Note:

Shamanic healing, including shamanic journeying is a complementary method. They are not a substitute for traditional medical treatment and advice or counselling. It is a complementary method that works alongside modern medicine and can be of great assistance in developing a holistic approach to the healing of an illness or condition.
If a client is presenting with a serious medical, mental or emotional condition, it is recommended that they should see a GP first, for a medical diagnosis.

Shamanism addresses the spiritual causes of a condition and is seen as an energy-based, holistic therapy. 


I am a fully trained shamanic practitioner and am fully insured for my practice.


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