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Writing and playing music has always played a big part

in my life, I have played in a number of bands, and am

currently writing and recording songs for two new 

albums. One solo and one with my band, Ask the Bear.

Copies of my music back catalogue can be found on: or at and search for 'ThomasMartyMusic'.





I have also written many plays during my life, some seeing the professional

light of day with many more performed in community settings.

When I moved up to Cambridge in 2000, I joined my wife Amanda, as one of the Artistic Directors of Public Arena Children’s Theatre Workshop. As well as running drama classes for young people, I devised and facilitated many creative workshops for different groups in the community. I am currently directing a one woman show called Holding Hands by Deborah Curtis for Field Theatre Group productions.

It will be performing in and around the Ely area in the summer 2018 and its major theme is on mental health.



Creative Writing:

I have just published my first book of short stories, entitled;

The Way of the World. Twenty one short stories mostly

based in and around Cambridge with themes of horror, 

suspense and fantasy. Publishing date: June 2018.


My first novel The Tail of Tommy No Tail is due to

be published later this year, and I am currently in the

process of writing a third novel and a shamanic book

investigating the Spirits of Cambridge.



I have been interacting with spirit since I was a youngster

and it was because of these experiences I went down the

route of wanting to heal myself and others. Since the

1990s, I have trained in a number of holistic healing

therapies and have most recently completed the

Sacred Trust’s three year, Shamanic practitioner



I am happily married, have three lovely children

and a cat.



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